Sunday, 5 June 2016

7 Desk Buddies to Brighten Your Day

Fashionable Office Accessories by Art Style LoveAlphabet 'J' Mug, Ladybird Books - Vintage Collection by Designed in Colour, £10

   Put your hand up if you remember Ladybird books from your childhood! These nostalgic mugs are a perfect way to make you smile during the office tea round - plus, if you can get one with your initial, your colleagues are less likely to 'accidentally' use it for their own cuppa.
Fashionable Office Accessories by Art Style Love
Daisy Place Odds & Ends Dish by Kate Spade at Amara, £42

   I must have a stupid amount of coins, paperclips and rubber bands in my drawers and on my desk itself - now wouldn't it be nice if they were all in one place? This Kate Spade trinket dish is highly Instagrammable and makes for an ideal desk organiser.

Fashionable Office Accessories by Art Style Love
(All from Paperchase)

   If you work from home or you're allowed to have candles on your desk at work, these fun animal and object-shaped candles from Paperchase will definitely brighten up your day (literally).

Fashionable Office Accessories by Art Style Love
Urban Grow Star Terrarium Planter by Urban Outfitters, £21

   I love keeping plants on my desk, and a terrarium is the perfect place to keep them neat and tidy in the chaotic environment that is a desk space. This one from Urban Outfitters has a futuristic vibe and is great for growing succulents and cacti.

Fashionable Office Accessories by Art Style Love
Freshly Baked Cupcake USB Cup Warmer by I Want One of Those, £8.99

   Don't you just hate when you've made yourself a hot cuppa, but all of a sudden twenty emails arrive in your inbox and, half an hour later, that cuppa takes a trip to the microwave to get stewed and ends up being rather unsatisfying? Now, you can pop your mug onto one of these cup warmers, et voila! No more of the dreaded cold tea.


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