Thursday, 12 May 2016

Makeup Bags to SCREAM About

     I'm not one to hoard, but if there's one thing I don't mind collecting, it's makeup bags (probably because I 'collect' so much makeup that I'm running out of places to put it all). I love coordinating my makeup to my makeup bags to make particular products easier to find - for example, red lipsticks cuddle up together in my velvety red bag, mascaras and other cylindrical eye makeup products are nicely grouped in a tube-shaped bag, etc. Basically, everything has it's place and that's how I like to keep things. Can you tell how anal I am?

   When it comes to pastel nail polishes (and, oh, do I have many) I'm going to pop them in Rosha Nutt's Triple Lolly canvas bag (above) or Shuby's Triple Banana canvas bag (below). These pouches are the perfect size for bulky products - and the graphic illustrations are super cute!

   Both are available for £20 from SCREAM London, a virtual gallery formed by Jamie Wood (Ronnie Wood's son) to support up and coming artists with an urban aesthetic in mind. You can also find other creations such as cushions, crockery and clothing, as well as prints and books.


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