Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Lighting for the Eternal Minimalist

   From industrial bare bulbs to extravagant chandeliers and three-wick candles, good lighting makes a room. Imagine rolling in from post-work drinks with friends on a lazy Friday evening in summer as the sun slowly sinks behind the horizon, and you put on some comfy clothes, take your shoes off and lean back in your favourite armchair with a good book and a glass of wine, illuminated by a soft glow from a stunning floor lamp to your right - not so bright that it ruins the atmosphere, but not so dim that you stumble over yourself as you walk in the room. Just how perfect is that little picture?

   I'm always on the lookout for good lighting. Recently, I've been loving floor lamps as they can be easily positioned for effect whilst freeing up valuable surfaces (as an alternative to table lamps). However, because I'm very drawn to the minimalist Nordic aesthetic, my range of options is significantly narrowed - I prefer to purchase this style of homeware from genuine Scandinavian brands rather than Scandi-esque retailers.

   For lighting, VITA copenhagen is a go-to brand. Born in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark, their designs are simple, elegant and effortlessly stylish - and they look far more expensive than they are! What's more, they've just released a new colourway for a design which I'm totally in love with: the EOS in Light Grey. Made from goose feathers, this lamp is already available in a warm white and a pretty light brown, but the grey adds a touch of coolness which completely alters the tone of the light to provide a change in atmosphere.

   At just €99, this is a steal compared to some designer lighting companies - and you definitely get your money's worth when it comes to design. I would style mine in a room filled with soft, textured fabrics, hardwood flooring, and silver, white and matte black accents. How would you style yours?


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