Sunday, 1 May 2016

April Showers


   Spring is such a hard season to navigate, wardrobe-wise: one minute the sun is shining and, though there's a little bit of a chilly wind, it's really quite pleasant - but then the heavens will open and you can bet that those new suede pumps you decided to put on for a walk around town will be unwearable by the time you've got home.

   Most people know by now that the only answer to this unpredictable season is 'layering'. Light layers are easy to take off and throw in your handbag if you get too hot, and on hand if you get too cold. Bonus points if you can get hold of a pretty waterproof like my polka dot jacket* from Lighthouse.

   I'm not that lucky when it comes to buying waterproof clothing; usually, it's either too bulky, too masculine or only available in a really unflattering colour - and the pieces I DO like are way out of my price range. However, Lighthouse produce a range of clothing ideal for the fashionable adventurer complete with relaxed silhouettes, beautifully made designs and brightly coloured fabrics. 


   This polka dot jacket is a variation of the 'Bluejay Short Waterproof'; it's such a gorgeous design AND it's incredibly functional with breathable waterproof and windproof fabric. It's super lightweight, which means it's not the warmest of garments, but (and this is where the layering comes in) all you need to do is chuck on a cardigan or jumper underneath and you're all set!

   I love wearing this with a simple pair of jeans and some good quality, sturdy boots or trainers when I'm out walking the dog - but it'll also go great with a denim skirt if the weather picks up.

   Browse Lighthouse's collections for women, men and kids here:

*Gifted for review

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