Monday, 11 April 2016

The Best Selfie Smartphone Yet?

   I don't know anyone who hasn't taken a selfie at some point in their life. Even before the word 'selfie' became a thing, people used their 2MP camera phones to take photos of themselves. Before that? Compact digital cameras. Before that? Disposable cameras. Before that? Polaroids, pinhole cameras and oil paintings.

   It's not just a concept that belongs to the 'youth of today' In fact, I was sitting at the family dinner table playing around with the new Samsung Galaxy S7, lent to me by Three to review, and I asked my sister to take a photograph of my grandma and I together. To my surprise, my grandma asked, 'Are we going to have a selfie?'. She's 90.


   Anyway, we took the photo and, because my family is very private to me, I won't share it on here - but I CAN say that it was a great photo, one which I'll look back on and think about when my grandma used the word 'selfie' in conversation...

   I spent that entire week taking photos with the Galaxy S7, appreciating both the front and back cameras for their quality and precision. Though only 5MP and 12MP respectively (I say 'only' because of the crazy megapixelage emerging in the smartphone industry today), both cameras produced photos which were incredibly bright, colour-rich and highly detailed. Being the first smartphone to feature dual pixel technology (which has also just been released as a feature of the Canon DSLR 80D), it really made up for those lost pixels.

   If you've been following me on Insta, you will have seen some of the below images pop up on your feed. Usually, I'll spend around twenty minutes staging some of these shots to achieve the right lighting, but with this phone the whole process was cut in half, time-wise.

   One feature which needs noting is the ability to take a selfie without camera-shake. The phone features a heart rate monitor on its back, which needs a simple tap of an index finger to release the shutter. You can also wave with your other hand, and the shutter will automatically release. Super simple, but insanely effective and addictive.

   See below for some of the images I've taken with this phone, and head to my YouTube channel for a more detailed and technical review!

   Three has a great range of tariffs for this phone - see what they can offer you here:


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