Thursday, 7 April 2016

All You Need to Know About SS16 Homeware Trends

1. Oval basket set, Zara Home, from £49.99
2. Gold lantern, H&M, £19.99
3. Marble and wood decorations, West Elm, from £34
4. Round table, Made, £249
5. Triangle rug, Urban Outfitters, £75

1. The Snake Charmer Basket is the new way to organise/hide your crap

Don't just buy one though. It'll look weird. Especially as most of us are still riding the Scandinavian ski lodge interior look. By two or three in descending sizes and pop them in a corner where they can be accessed easily.

2. Gold is the new copper/rose gold

I know. I love copper just as much as the next person, but it's such an autumn hue. Try out SS16's new gold shades and mix with palm tree greens, flamingo pinks and warm whites.

3. Don't throw away the marble! Mix it with wood.

A lot of trend spotters are distancing themselves from the marble trend and moving more towards various woods instead; however, I think that these two materials can be paired together in so many different situations. Try a marble and wood chopping board or geometric decorations.

4. Don't be a square

Square/rectangular tables are pointy, sharp and will most likely stab you in the leg as you shift past them. Satellite tables, on the other hand, are beautifully round, and make an area feel less choreographed and more natural. Extra points if you buy these in two different sizes and slot the smaller one under the large one.

5. Geometrics rule

I could never get tired of geometric patterns, especially when it comes to triangles and hexagons. There's something just so strategic about them. Put this pattern on your tea towels, cushions, bed covers and wall hangings - but the most popular form is the beloved rug.

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  1. Oh crikey!
    I love that snake charmer basket. Looking to do up my bedroom soon so that might have to make an appearance.



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