Tuesday, 5 April 2016

5 Easy Things to do This Week to Get Organised

Declutter your computer

This will probably take a good hour or so but, if you're anything like me, you'll have folder upon folder of photos, revamped CVs and portfolios, PDFs from university lectures, odd chapters from that book you were trying to write two years ago, etc. So get that shit sorted this week, and you'll thank yourself that you don't have to spend £50 on an external hard drive. Also, take a look at your Local Disk space before and after your do your clear out - it's extremely satisfying to see how much space you've created!

Clear out your makeup

Nobody likes three year old foundation. It does no good for your skin, nor for your over-cluttered makeup draw. Chuck that shit out and, if you have a spare tenner, go to Tiger or Muji and get yourself some makeup organisers to separate your lipsticks, liners, mascaras and other products into neat little slots. Again, extremely satisfying.

Cleanse your inbox

This can be carried out in tandem with the computer decluttering; however, it'll probably take another hour so you may want to grab a large cup of tea/coffee and get comfortable. Anything from over two years ago: delete it or, if really REALLY necessary, make a copy and file it in a specific folder on your computer, then delete it. Special offers in brand emails that you can't remember subscribing to: easy - unsubscribe and delete. Newsletters or updates from blogs/magazines/newspapers that you meant to read but never got round to: anything older than a week - delete - anything under a week old - read then delete.

Plan your meals

You always say you're going to get round to it, but never do, so why not start this week? If you're not ready for the whole nine yards, start with your breakfasts and go from there. Then, go out and buy the ingredients and set them out clearly in your cupboards so that there's no escape.

Throw away old magazines

Being a print journalist at heart, the only thing I admit to hoarding is magazines. I love the iconic issues, i.e. anything with Kate Moss on the cover, September issues, first issues, etc. However, I do have around ten everyday magazines lying around my house at any one time. If you're like me, take a quick walk around your place and pick up any magazines lying around, take the most important ones and file away, place any ones you haven't read on your coffee table to read in the next few days, and throw away any old ones. If you love particular parts of a magazine and don't want to throw them (i.e. an inspiring article or image) rip it out of the magazine and stick it on a mood board - that way it'll inspire you every day rather than hiding away in a magazine that you haven't opened in two months.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion and I always reminds myself to declutters my laptop. Great post xo



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