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10 Things That Make Me 'Me'

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   This month, the team at Nectar challenged me to reflect on the things in my life that make me 'Me', using just ten items - this could be anything from a pet to a plant pot, so naturally it was extremely hard to narrow my life down to ten items, but I wanted to give it a go to see if it was possible!

   I came up with the above. I must admit, I can be a little superficial sometimes, so some of these items are in this collection because I really love the way they look or the brand is one which I really enjoy using; however, I've also added in some items which have sentimental value to me - because, believe it or not, I do have a heart!

1. José the Cactus

   I love to surround myself with cacti and succulents of all sorts, mainly because I love plants - but I'm not really very good at looking after them, and cacti are great at looking after themselves. Incredibly low maintenance, these plants need hardly any water, and are quite happy to sit on a windowsill in indirect sunlight, just cacti-ing away.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

   Photography has been a passion of mine since I was 14, and I love using different types of cameras to create my photos. The Instax Mini is a Polaroid-style camera; however, I also like using DSLRs, film cameras and lomography cameras.

3. La Cafetiere Teapot

   I'm a tea fiend - I love drinking it and I love collecting it, and that means teapots and crockery too! One of my goals is to eventually build myself a 'teapot wall', which will feature a teapot from every country I visit. And I would love to own a tea emporium or quintessentially English cafe!

   This teapot is one of my current favourites, bought for me as a Christmas present by my lovely boyfriend. I love that you can see the tea brewing, so you know when it has reached the perfect colour!

4. A photo of my dogs

   I have two dogs called Hero and Lili, and they live with my parents but I absolutely love going to see them. I couldn't imagine what life would be like without them, but I do hope to add a canine friend to the clan and get a dog of my own in future.

   I keep this photo in my bedroom, as it's very dear to me and I love seeing their beautiful faces when I wake up.

5. My copper saucepan set

   Two of my favourite past times are cooking and baking. I love trying out new recipes and adding my own tweaks to old favourites; my favourite cuisines to whip up are Italian and Mediterranean, but I'd love to learn how to cook a few more dishes from my Filipino heritage.

   Copper saucepans are great for cooking at high temperatures because they conduct heat really well - and they also look really pretty.

 6. Le Jasmin by Miller Harris

    This is, without a doubt, my favourite perfume, for two reasons: firstly, it reminds me of the first time I went to London with my boyfriend - we walked around Covent Garden, and I visited the Miller Harris store and tried out this scent (and was instantly addicted) - and secondly, it's a beautifully unique fragrance which I've never seen anywhere else on the high street.

7. Copper Wire Basket

   I'm incredibly organised and I hate mess, which means that anything I can use to file away loose items is a huge savior. This copper wire basket has a really pretty design and, at the moment, it sits on my kitchen counter holding my cooking utensils.

8. Kindle Fire HDX

   As someone who loves to read, I highly recommend this tablet. It can store a huge amount of books, apps, photos and music, and its the perfect size for popping into your handbag for a day of reading at the beach or on your commute.

9. Chevron notebook

   As a writer, notebooks are my best friends. I have around ten of these on the go at any one time, but I use this one in particular for my daily thoughts and musings. Not particularly exciting to an unfamiliar onlooker, but it helps me organise my mind, and refer back to things when I'm writing articles or blog posts.

10. Nike Revolution 3 trainers

   Casual clothing is my go-to on my off-duty days. You can usually find me in a pair of Nike trainers (I LOVE the Air Max Thea Desert trainers but can't find them anywhere!), black leggings and a comfy jersey top, or chunky knit jumper if it's cold.

   These trainers are super lightweight, comfortable and I love the colour combination of the grey base and coral swoosh.

   What are the ten things that make you 'You'? Leave a link to your version of this post in the comments and follow the conversation on Twitter using #makesmeMe!

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