Monday, 14 March 2016

March 2016 Period Box | Unboxing

   If you haven't already received your March PeriodBox yet, here's what to expect:

- Your preferred sanitary products
- 1 Clipper hot chocolate sachet
- 1 Super Seeds Pumpkin 9 Bar
- 3 Pukka chamomile, vanilla and manuka honey tea bags
- 1 bag of Perry Court Farm apple crisps
- 1 set of Evolve Organic Beauty body wash and lotion
- 1 Flipz London 'We Can Do It' illustration

   PeriodBox is one of my favourite subscription services; if you haven't seen my original post about the service, click here for a read. 

   This month's design product focuses on March 8th, which is International Women's Day - a fitting theme for a box to suit women's sanitary needs! A neat little illustration, created by Flipz London, depicts the iconic 'We Can Do It!' American wartime poster.

   The food products in PeriodBoxes are always an unusual delight - usually, I wouldn't pick up a packet of apple crisps for myself, but these were a great little snack to eat on the Tube! The chamomile, vanilla and manuka honey tea bags were like a hug in a cup, and the Clipper hot chocolate is a firm favourite. The pumpkin seed 9 Bar posed an interesting combination of flavours, but it was great for a quick energy boost.

   For a fresh-scented and wonderfully soothing beauty product, the Evolve Organic Beauty set is ideal. I love the packaging - looks gorgeous on my bathroom shelves - and the products themselves provide a soft, smooth finish.

   Build your box right here.


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