Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Your Workspace: Quiet Zen or Bustling Hub?

   For me, the perfect workspace is a place of zen, clarity and organisation; it's a place where I can be in the zone without any distractions, with lots of natural light and, of course, a comfy chair and a cup of tea.

   I've been known to get home from work and spend another six hours in my makeshift office at home (which consists of an Ikea desk that I also use as a dressing table, my laptop and a dining chair - it's not convenient, but it's home). Here, you can find me composing blog posts, making and editing videos and working on my social media platforms. I'm sometimes working well into the night if I've got something urgent that needs to go live first thing in the morning, so it's essential for me to have this time to myself, without interruption - this usually means me shutting the curtains, the bedroom door, and switching off any devices which might distract me. 

   A little extreme, you might think, but I find it so hard to concentrate with any noises messing up my rhythm. I'm one of those people that can't read a book when there's music playing or people talking. I guess this means I'm easily distracted. I'd go with that. I daydream far too much and my mind spins off on tangents at sporadic intervals throughout the day. Even when composing this blog post, I've browsed through my Twitter feed, scrolled through Facebook and researched electricians in my area when I should have been concentrating on one thing: writing.

   If I could have complete silence, that would be perfection. But that's not always the case. Living in a town centre with cars rushing by and people storming past, it's a bit hard to keep yourself from people-watching. I don't know how cityfolk do it. I'm fascinated by people.

   However, some of you may be of the type where you function better around noise and other busy bees. Your perfect workspace may consist of a bustling hub of activity, with a coffee shop in the same building - or even the same room - and lots of people working, chatting and generally getting on with life. If this is the case, there are plenty of places that you could go to get your fix, especially if you're London-based.


On the edge of Shoreditch, this Spitalfields location is walking distance from food markets, cafes, bars, and transport hubs. Cozy communal lounges make it easy for you to build a community in this space. Meet for tea or coffee with colleagues and clients while taking in sweeping views of the East London skyline.


Once a music publishing house, this inspiring Soho workspace is now a tight-knit entrepreneurial community. The historic building is centrally located and retains much of its original charm, like it large bay windows and exposed brick walls. It's the perfect spot for anyone in the creative industry.

D E V O N S H I R E   S Q U A R E

This open plan Devonshire Square location was once a warehouse for the East India Trading Company, and has been transformed into a beautifully designed home for a community of like-minded people. From designers to recruiters, fintech companies to app developers, Devonshire Square is a platform to some of London’s coolest creators.


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