Thursday, 7 January 2016

Period? No Biggie

   Imagine being on your period (not hard, right? You have one every month) and someone presents you with a surprise box full of delicious and pretty goodies, like chocolates, shower goodies and skincare, as well as your choice of sanitary products. How great would that be? How loved would you feel?

   A couple of years ago, the only time I'd get this kind of special treatment was if my boyfriend wanted to apologise for forgetting to pick me up from the train station. Now, however, Period Box does the hard bit, without any apologies.

   I think I speak for a lot of women when I say that periods are the one time of the month when you're not feeling so hot. Some of my girlfriends get easily irritated, some feel the bloat, some don't like wearing skirts. Personally, I feel like I need a 24-hour blanket hug, a Netflix binge and a good cuppa to get rid of the headaches - the perfect remedy when I get home from work. Usually, I would go to the shops and pick up a bar of chocolate and maybe some nice tea when I know the crimson tide's approaching, but Period Box provides everything you need to feel comfortable and loved when that time comes around.

   A monthly prescription box, Period Box provides a selection of teas, artisan chocolate, high end beauty samples and a unique design gift such as stationery or an art print, alongside your preferred brands of tampon or sanitary towel - or both! I can't even begin to explain to you how convenient this is, as I always need to pop out on a separate shopping trip to pick up my sanitary products. Plus, the edible goodies 100% make my day, as they're often items that I wouldn't normally find in the supermarket.

   After seeing Period Box on Twitter, I decided to give the service a go, as I've tried various subscription boxes in the past and I love the concept. Putting together my box was super easy - it took me around five minutes. Simply state how long your period usually lasts, choose your sanitary products (you can even choose from organic options), state how long your cycle is - then you're away! A 'pay-monthly' subscription starts from £14.95 including p+p, which is how much I would usually spend on sanitary products, chocolate and tea anyway!

   Tempted? Check out Period Box's website here.


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