Thursday, 24 December 2015

7 ways to distract yourself from work over Christmas

   For a lot of us modern career girls, work doesn't just stop at 5pm. Often, we're checking emails until bedtime, examining social media for possible retweet opportunities and looking for inspiration online at ungodly hours of the morning. We're noting down ideas everywhere we look, and everyone we talk to could be an important contact, so when it comes to 'switching off', it's a harder task than expected.

   Because of this, Christmas can be a difficult time; we feel that we should concentrate on spending time with family, overindulging on food, going to parties and opening presents, but we also feel an obligation to remain active in our professional lives. This Christmas, why not try a few different activities to really try and 'switch off' from that side of your life and concentrate on what really matters? I've put together a list to give you a little inspiration:

I M M E R S E   Y O U R S E L F   I N   A   N O V E L

   Personally, I can't wait to get reading over the Christmas period. My life has been rather hectic lately, and I haven't felt like I've been able to concentrate on a book for more than five minutes. Reading is the perfect way to indulge your imagination and lose yourself in a world that no TV program or film could ever create. Whatever your genre, Christmas is the ideal time to get reading!

M I N D F U L N E S S   C O L O U R I N G

   Remember that colouring book you got as a present last year that is supposed to help with mindfulness? Well, now's the time to use it! Believe it or not, colouring (although perhaps viewed as a childish activity) is proven to be a calming activity to help your clear your mind by concentrating on a creative skill that neither has no wrong or right method - you can colour outside the lines here, it's up to you!

O N   Y O U R   M A R K S,   G E T   S E T,   B A K E!

   Baking can either be therapeutic or stressful - I guess it depends on what kind of person you are. If you're the latter, ignore this point; however, if you're the former, get those oven gloves on! Try making your favourite Christmas desserts, or some treats for your friends as thoughtful little presents. This will easily take up a few good hours away from your phone screen, and you'll have a tasty bake at the end of it.

T R Y   O U T   S O M E   P I N T E R E S T   D I Y S

 All those DIYs you saved on Pinterest now have a chance to come to life! Make yourself a bottled nebula on a necklace, a few watercolour cushion covers for your home, your own planner for New Year organisation and a contemporary deer head for your wall. And if it goes wrong, at least you can say you tried.

P L A N   Y O U R   N E W   Y E A R ' S   R E S O L U T I O N S

   You probably do this at some point every year, whether it's mentally or on paper; but this time, take a few more minutes to really plan out each goal. Is it really feasible? Will you work toward it every day or is it just general? Is there anyone who can help you with your goals? What happens if you don't achieve it? All of these points, and anymore you can think of, will help towards making 2016 a year of success!

P  U T   Y O U R   O L D   C L O T H E S   O N   D E P O P

   What is Depop? Think of a cross between eBay and Instagram. This app allows you to sell your clothes and accessories in a beautiful way, and to people with great fashion sense. You've probably received some clothes or gift vouchers over Christmas, so why not make room for your new wardrobe by selling some old pieces that you no longer wear?

C L E A N   Y O U R   C A R

   Don't have a car? Clean your room! And I don't mean just moving a few things around. Really get in there and chuck out all the crap, give the floor a deep clean, do some dusting, et voila! Now make a note in your calendar for next year's cleaning session.


  1. It's so hard these days to just sit down and focus on one thing. I feel like we're always multitasking.

    This list is refreshing and I'm definitely looking into investing into a coloring book now! :D Also, amazing to have time to sit down and read. Finally got my hands on the Song of Fire and Ice series. c:

    Happy Holidays!

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet | Simply-M

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Glad to hear that you've got a good read - I've been meaning to read the Game of Thrones books, but it might have to be one for next year!

      Happy holidays to you too :)

      Jennifer xx


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