Saturday, 19 December 2015

5 Inspiring Christmas Dinner Spreads

   When I was younger, there was no doubt that the 'presents' portion of Christmas Day was the best part - after that, I was made to eat vegetables, pretend to laugh at my dad's jokes and endure two hours of boring family talk until I could play with my new toys. Now that I'm older, this day is all about the food and being with my family, who are now living in various parts of the country (meaning I don't get to see them as often). The presents are always welcome, but I tend to enjoy giving them more than I do receiving.

   Coming from a family of feeders, I love a Christmas dinner with plenty of options and all the trimmings: sprouts, roasties, pigs in blankets and, of course, the main event (I'm not sure which dish we'll be devouring this year, but I'm sure it will be delicious)!

   As food is such a big thing in my house, I take great pleasure in making the dining space look festive and presentable. There must always be a theme, and tableware should always cohere. A centerpiece is a great chance for some added style, depending on how big the table is; or you could decorate with small ornaments, candles and foliage. 

   A big topic this year is lighting; this can make or break a room's ambiance, and can turn Christmas Day into a warm, fuzzy and joyful event with the appearance of just a few simple LED bulbs. Have a browse through the images below for some ideas on creating the perfect atmosphere for Christmas dinner.


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