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Get Fit, Starting With Your Skin


   Fitness has become such a huge part of our lives over the past five years; we're exercising more, we're discovering healthier foods and we're slowly cutting down on the nasties in every aspect of our lives - so, in my opinion, skincare brand Mio has hit the nail on the head with their fitness-focused products.

   Now, I'm someone who takes fitness rather lightly. I exercise when I'm feeling a bit down about myself, then give up for a month when I see results; I don't get enough sleep; I eat too much at dinner, and very little breakfast; I confuse 8 pints of water a day with 8 cups of tea; and I tend to drive rather than walk anywhere, if I can help it (mostly because I hate bumping into people I know when I'm on a mission - oh, and did I mention that I'm a hermit?)

   Overall, I can fairly say that I'm not the poster girl for a fit and fabulous lifestyle, but I know what's good for me (I would absolutely eat better and exercise more if I had the time - and I hate using this as an excuse - but I'm more swamped than an alligator in the Mississippi right now). There are things that you'll never find me doing, simply because it'll negatively impact my health and fitness very quickly, for example eating overly fatty or sugary foods on a daily basis, consuming large amounts of alcohol, or smoking. This also takes into account appearance-related matters such as overbleaching my hair, sleeping in makeup and using low quality skincare.

   I don't need to justify that I take pride in my appearance; it's nothing to be ashamed of. Therefore, I'm very meticulous about what I put on my skin. If something causes me to break out in spots or, even, a rash - in the bin it goes. I wouldn't say I have sensitive skin, but that doesn't mean I can slap any old product on it. Luckily, with Mio, I didn't feel as if this was a problem.

   After thorough research into the ingredients, and a scan through user reviews, I decided that I'd give the brand a try. Its contemporary approach to skincare is refreshing, encouraging users to enhance their skin from a health and fitness perspective, rather than from a superficial standpoint. These products are ideal for women on the go who are inspired by the 'keep fit, stay healthy' lifestyle, and this ethos is reflected in the clean, bright, no fuss packaging and witty product names.

   Mio's products are free from parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, artificial colourants, sodium lareth or lauryl sulphate, xenoestrogens, phthalates, PEGs or glycols - and what is extremely important to me is that they don't test on animals.

   I selected three products from the entire range: ones which would potentially enhance the areas that I'm a bit less confident about. This comprised of the Future Proof Body Butter*, The Activist Body Oil* and the Double Buff Exfoliator*. Each product has different properties, but all are geared towards helping you achieve a similar result: hydrating and toning the skin.

   These products fit into my morning shower routine quite nicely. I applied the Double Buff Exfoliator using a body brush pre-shower (but you can use an exfoliation mitt, or your hands), working it into my skin in circular motions. I concentrated mostly on my thighs, as this is where I have the most issues, such as cellulite and stretchmarks.

   After washing of the exfoliator in the shower, I applied The Activist Body Oil to my legs, stomach area and arms whilst my skin was still damp. Doing this apparently locks in moisture - and it really does! Even my boyfriend, without any prompt, noticed that my skin felt super smooth - and if my boyfriend notices a change, then it must be for real.

   Once I had patted my skin dry with a towel, I applied the Future Proof Body Butter with my hands, starting from my feet and working towards my heart, then up my arms from wrist to shoulder. This formula was thick, but very smooth and easy to work into the skin, especially after applying the oil. However, you could get away with one or the other if you didn't have time to use both, as each product is a skin saviour in its own right.

   On the subject of time, you might feel as if you don't have enough of it to fit these extra skincare products into your morning routine, but honestly, it added maybe five minutes at most onto mine. I'm not one to pamper myself in the morning (I'm never fully 'awake' until after I've had my 9.30am cuppa), and so I tend to leave the 'me time' to the late hours of the evening; however, it's such a treat to use these products that I have no problem indulging myself so early - I find myself feeling a lot better for it during the day, when I know my skin looks and feels amazing. These are definitely confidence-boosting products.

   Mio's creams, oils, gels and exfoliators are categorised by skincare issue on their website; choose from cellulite busters and firming treatments, dry skin combatants, muscle-targeted gels and bath-soaks, everyday shower and bath products, and pregnancy-focused products. What's more, standard delivery is free!

   You can purchase the products that I've reviewed as full sizes, or you can try out all three as part of the 'Strong is the New Skinny' kit for just £26.50.

* Gifted for review

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