Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Seaside Town All Bloggers Should Visit

   'London by the sea', they call it - and you Londoners are really going to hate me here - but I think Brighton's better than our beloved capital. Why? Because it has all the positives of a vibrant urban atmosphere (exciting nightlife, quirky shops, fantastic restaurants and cultural sights) but it's right near the sea and, being from a seaside town originally, Brighton felt a little bit like home. I tend to feel like London is another world in contrast to where I've lived, whereas Brighton is familiar, twee and a little bit bonkers in places.

   The reason I say that 'all bloggers should visit Brighton', is because this fantastic town has so many photography opportunities, plenty to write about, and it's a social media lover's heaven. I posted a few images on Instagram with '#Brighton' in the caption, and immediately they were bombarded with likes and comments from fellow Brightoners, other tourists and even other independent shops within the area - not that I'm constantly glued to my notifications feed, but it's always nice to get positive engagement, especially from people who can relate to your content.

   Brighton also has one of the largest blogging communities in Britain (just check the hashtag '#BrightonBloggers'), not just in fashion, but in beauty, food, crafts, politics and lifestyle - so you'll be in good company!

   If you're going to visit Brighton, it'd be a sin not to to take a wander down the Lanes - it's the city's historic shopping district, where you'll find an assortment of jewellers, clothes shops and cafes, amongst other establishments. These cobbold streets are narrow and intimate, but so pretty, and always lined with pastel bunting hanging delicately above the paths.

   Foodwise, I recommend Bill's - I know, it's a chain restaurant, but it's soooooo good - which is situated in an old bus depot on North Road. It's pretty easy to find, and has a warm and welcoming atmosphere; try the Buttermilk Chicken - you'll thank me later. And, if you like speciality teas, pop into the Bluebird Tea Co on the bustling Gardner Street for friendly, knowledgeable customer service and fantastic brews to drink in or take home.

   Finally, relax in Plateau with a glass of wine and friends. A cosy French restaurant and wine bar, this place is ideal for a sophisticated end to the evening - and the waiters really know their stuff. I sampled a delicious gin and tonic (I know right, how can a gin and tonic ever be delicious? But this one rocked), while my [more cultured] friends enjoyed glasses of white. A perfect end to a fantastic weekend away.


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