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September 2015 Beauty Haul: Miller Harris, Avéne, etc.

   I accumulated a neat little shoe box of products last month, some of which I could see myself using every day and some which I knew would end up going to better homes. Unfortunately, this happens occasionally with a very small handful of products I'm given to review, as I'm very particular about what I put on my skin, and what fits in with my skin type (very dry, if you didn't know).

   Below are a few fantastic products, a few not so fantastic products, and a few which are somewhere in between.

Le Jasmin by Miller Harris

This is by far my favourite perfume of the year; it's earthy and ever so slightly floral, with a hint of Sicilian lemon, bergamot and mandarin, lavendar and wild rosemary, and Moroccan Jasmine, Tunisian orange flower and ylang ylang - all on top of a base of cedar wood, oak moss and musk.

I like this because it's not too floral or sickly sweet - it's more of a unisex scent that I could imagine being worn by a man or woman. The box is super pretty too, as is the simplistic and chic bottle! I see myself wearing Le Jasmin throughout the year, for years to come.

Cleansing Lotion by Garnier

This is a simple and gentle cleansing lotion by one of my favourite drugstore brands, Garnier. It's great for every day use - just squirt a pea sized amount on a cotton pad and sweep across your face.

I wouldn't say this product is anything extraordinary, but it does the job - and it's a great price (just £3.29)!

Almond Hand Cream by Weleda*

Almond oil (along with coconut, argan and even plain old olive) has enjoyed vast popularity over the past few years for its moisturising qualities. This hand cream uses almonds as its main ingredient, and does wonders for keeping skin supple and smooth -  especially sensitive skin.

I have very dry skin, so this is currently going with me wherever I am!

Micellar Water by Avéne*

Like almond oil, micellar water has become a big hit on the beauty market recently. This wonder water removes makeup and cleanses skin without the need for rinsing, as it's so pure and natural.

I've found however, that this doesn't quite do the job when removing waterproof eye makeup; for that purpose, I'll stick to my oil-based cleansers.

Snail Gel by Dr Organic*

Unfortunately, I couldn't try this out because I'm just too freaked out by the concept to put it on my face. It uses 'snail secretion filtrate' as its key ingredient, which is confusing most people as to whether it's a gimmick or a genuinely effective new treatment for skin.

Apparently, snails have been used for beauty treatments for years, and the ingredient that is said to soothe and moisturise is actually the slime that snails secrete from their bodies in order to move smoothly across surfaces.

The product itself is clear in appearance, and smells a bit like lemonade; however, I just can't bring myself to apply it to my face, so I may get a family member to try it out for me!

This soothing cream possesses the ingredient, Diolényl, which is said to limit bacteria growth, reduce redness and help eliminate pimples (hence, the 'tri' in the product title).

I haven't given this enough testing yet in order to provide you with a fair and thorough review, but I will be posting something up this month with just that - keep an eye open!

Want to know a bit more about these products? Check out my haul video below:

*Products gifted for review

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