Thursday, 17 September 2015

What Makes the Perfect Shoe?

   It goes without saying that shoes can make or break an outfit. Give a girl good shoes, and she can face the day with a spring in her step (figuratively, of course - I don't advise wearing shoes with springs for soles). Give a girl bad shoes and... well, we won't go there.

   So what makes a good shoe? Is it practicality or style? Is it fit or durability? Is it the way that they fit just right into this season's retro trends? There are many ingredients that go into a good shoe - but, for me, the ingredient that turns a good shoe into a showstopper is 'versatility'. I want a pair of shoes that can take me from a morning in the office to a lunch date with my sister, and then from dinner with my boyfriend to drinks with the girls. I want shoes that can keep me going all day and still make my outfit feel on point when it reaches 11pm.

   It may seem like I'm asking for a miracle, but one does come across the perfect shoe every once in a while - and I think I've found a pair *pinches self*.

   Deichmann, the century-old, family run shoemakers currently leading the European shoe market, has collaborated with the devastatingly stylish and equally talented blogger, former model and photographer, Hanneli Mustaparta, to create a collection so versatile that I squealed when I laid eyes upon the lookbook.

   Ranging from comfy and casual slip-on skate shoes to rockstar-worthy heeled boots with super cleated soles, this collection has a pair of shoes to go with any casj outfit - and they can even be dressed up for officewear or an evening out.

   It was difficult to pick a favourite, but I settled on the 'Over the Knee Boots', a jet black boot with a slight heel, rounded toe and the perfect height; these boots finish just above the knee, with a zip all the way down the inner leg. They're comfy, they're cool and they make me feel just a tad 60s - perfect for AW15! And what's more? These boots are £34.99. Yep - I had to look at that price tag twice, too. For an accessory that looks at least double that figure, I can't believe that I've ever come across such a steal before.

   I've found that I can easily style a whole week's worth of outfits around these boots - so that's just what I did, and I've included the best outfits in this post. Just to show how versatile they are, I shot three completely different looks, each with their own unique style and theme. I hope you enjoy the images, and please check out the Deichmann x Hanneli Mustaparta collab here if you feel inspired!



  1. Super outfit:) xx

  2. Such great outfit inspo in this post, love the way you've put together all the different looks!

    1. Thanks so much lovely! Glad you liked the post and enjoyed the photos :)

      Jennifer x


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