Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Nothing Like a Birthday Wishlist...

   As I'm writing this, I'm sitting at my desk eating a very questionable and rather unsatisfying sausage roll (note to self, you are no longer to buy sausage rolls from petrol stations); but that won't be the case in three days time, as it's my birthday - can I get a woopwoop? - and I have requested from my parents, as I do every year, a lasagne made in my honour.

   If you lovely readers didn't already know, I am Garfield incarnate, and my two favourite things on earth are lasagne and my bed (lasagne in bed is the ultimate goal). And as I've reached an age where I can afford most material things that I want, a homemade lasagne is possibly the best present that I could receive.

   However, I can generally only eat two servings in one sitting (alright, maybe three if I'm tempted, which I am. Always.), so if everyone were to make me a lasagne, I doubt I would be able to finish them all. As nobody likes waste, maybe it would be more appropriate to ask for a few other presents - because I'm so  considerate, aren't I? THINK OF THE LASAGNES.. 

   As promised, here is my birthday wishlist of spectacularly non-lasagne items:

1. Round Patterned Sunglasses by zeroUV, $9.99

2. Sloane Ankle Boots by Public Desire, £34.99

4. Zara Martin Kitty Headphones by Skinnydip, £35

6. Candle by Tom Dixon, £55

7. This and That Notebook by The Paper Bunny, $15.90

8. Holst Steel Watch by Skagen, £165

9. Come on Over Tan Boots by La Moda, £29.99

10. Opal Ring by Melissa Joy Manning, £680

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