Saturday, 12 September 2015

How to Curate the Perfect Shelf

   A tidy space is a tidy mind - and your shelves are a great place to start. Not just for showing off your books, shelves are a curation of the objects that represent a part of your personality - objects that aren't just for looking at, but which also have a sentimental link.

   I bought a simple white bookcase about a year ago to create some more storage. It began as a very neat and tidy display case for notebooks, beauty products and the occasional pair of shoes, but over the months became overcrowded with nik-naks and other items that would otherwise have no designated spot in the room.

   This was giving me a headache just looking at it; so, this weekend, I decided to reorganise.

   As you can see in the image above, my shelves were cluttered with magazines, shoe boxes and old perfumes. I didn't just need a massive clearout; I needed a total overhaul.

   I removed everything off the shelves, using the old 'three box' system (keep, sell, throw out), vacuumed, dusted, and got to work on the creative bit: arranging my favourite pieces.

   I wanted my shoes to be the focal point, as I love how they look, and the colours provide some vibrancy. I then worked around the shoes with regular-use beauty products (including 'Le Jasmin', my all-time favourite scent from Miller Harris), as well as my much-loved cameras. I also bought a simple-but-effective magazine rack (£5 from Tiger) in which to keep my monthly magazine stock (I do tend to overindulge on magazines - but hey, I'm a journo).

   I'm really happy with how my shelves have turned out; but if you're looking for something a little different or a little more suited to your aesthetic, here are some inspiring shelf situations from Pinterest:

Crates into shelving, paint white, with fabric / paper at the back of some - freestanding, not fixed, could work in several rooms (kitchen, bedroom alcove, living room) - for kitchen add glass doors to some, for glasses, display:
image from scandinavian home
Full Wall Bookcase of Painted MDF in Renovated Farmhouse in Denmark, Remodelista:
image from remodelista
Floor to ceiling bookcases!:
Trellis design wallpaper in the back of this bookcase is a fantastic way to add subtle pattern to any room!:
image from the painted room
Guest rooms can be impersonal. Make yours a room that you love to be in and your guests will love it too.:
image from ikea

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