Thursday, 27 August 2015

Stationery Wishlist 27.08.15

1. Marble Print A4ish Notebook, Urban Outfitters at Ohh Deer - £6
2. Pug A5 Notebook, Fenella Smith at John Lewis - £8.50
3. Wildlife A5 Notebook, Paperchase - £10
4. Spiral Flip Notebook, Quill London - £9
5. Black & White Stripe Notebook, Kate Spade at Liberty - £12.95
6. Rendezvous A5 Notebook, Tesco - £2.50
7. Personalised Recycled Dreams Notebook, Not on the High Street - £12.75
8. 2016 Pocket Diary, Harrods, £12.95

   Who doesn't love stationery? From the pretty to the downright witty, a good piece of stationery can brighten your day, and take your desk situation from standard to actually a little bit awesome. Above are the diaries and notebooks I've been lusting after (Paperchase is my dream shop, but I've managed to limit myself to just one, otherwise this whole post might have ended up looking a tad sponsored).

   On a more frightening note: 2016 diaries have just started arriving in shops. Where has this year gone?! After discussing the matter with my best friend, we've deduced that time has simply sped up without anyone knowing any better, and we'll all end up 50 years old in what seemed like 10 years... actually, it's an awful thought. Let's not talk about it.

   Let's instead talk about this marble diary (1) - yes, marble! I've finally found one, after months spent debating whether I should just customise my own. And I don't whose anyone who isn't partial to a pug print; this (2) delightful little notebook shall sit perfectly between marble and the stripes of this (3) Kate Spade monochrome masterpiece. In fact, I'll just have them all.

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