Friday, 31 July 2015

Weekday Wishlist: 31/07/15

1. Fringed Bag by Genuine People - £17.94
2. Coat by Zara - £49.99
3. Top by The Kooples - £135
4. Trousers by River Island - £35
5. Shoes by Topshop - £56
6. Coat by Isabel Marant Etoile - £315
7. Bracelet by Bjorg - £150
8. Backpack by Genuine People - £27.56
9. Shoes by Aldo - £55
10. Jumper by H&M - £12.99

   Somebody help me - I've given into wide-leg trousers. Have I become a mum? Am I now okay with the fact that wide leg trousers make me appear short, stout, and rather too relaxed for my subtly scatty personality? I have no idea; all I do know is that I'm completely over skinnies.

   Not only do wide leg trousers give me more flexibility (because, obviously, I like to casually cartwheel into work and do the splits at random and often inappropriate intervals), but they're also far more breathable - and they do a little swish when I walk.

   My current favourite is this pair (4) from River Island, a high waisted, khaki number with a soft, fluid fabric. I would wear these out to dinner with some wedges, or at work with some pointed flats, perhaps with a lacy black crop top or a collared shirt. Either way, wide leg trousers are comfortable, practical and chic, and I can't believe I haven't been wearing them all my life.



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    1. You obviously have great taste ;)

      Thanks for commenting! :)

      Jennifer x


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