Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Bridesmaid Essentials You Didn't Think Of

   Earlier this month, I was maid of honour at my beautiful sister's wedding. It was the perfect day: the weather was ideal (if a tad too hot), the venue was stunning, and all the people we love were there to celebrate.

   It was only the second time that I had been a participant in a wedding ceremony, and the first time I had ever been maid of honour - so there was a lot to learn! However, the day went as smoothly as a wedding day could possibly go, and all the stressing about tiny details paid off.

   As it's still wedding season, I thought I'd channel my newly gained expertise into a list of 'Bridesmaid Essentials' to help out those bridesmaids and maid of honours to be. These are little things that helped me get ready on the morning of the wedding, as well as throughout the day. I also asked my fellow bridesmaids (there were five of us!) who are veterans in the bridesmaid sector - some of whom have recently tied the knot, and some who are on the way!


A camera - sometimes the photographer might not be able to capture the moments you hold dearest

Scissors, safety pins & mini sewing kit - for any loose threads on dresses, little rips or fitting issues

Tissues - great for happy tears and makeup mishaps

Hairspray - if it's hot or windy outside, you'll need this

Travel deodorant - and make sure to top up regularly, because people will be too nice to tell you that you smell..

Plasters - when your feet are blistered from those fresh out the box heels

Tampons - you never know..

Lipgloss - it'll rub off when you're sipping that champagne, so keep a tube in your purse

Rescue pastilles - because walking down that aisle can turn you into an anxious wreck

Sweets in case of low energy - it's tough being a bridesmaid

Nail file - you have NO idea how much this came in handy

Nail polish - bring a bottle of your selected shade in case of chipping and smears

Headache tablets - if it's hot, it won't just be the sweat you're worried about

Cotton buds & eye makeup remover - my eye makeup started melting once the ceremony finished. These guys are a lifesaver.

Flip flops or roll-up flats - dancing shoes!

Fold-up umbrella - because, not matter how much you plan, you can never control the weather

Hip flask - in case the bar's just a tad overpriced, or they don't have your favourite drink

Phone charger - taking THAT many photos will drain your battery

Hand cream - nobody likes chapped skin

Travel sunscreen - I reallyyyyy wish I'd thought of bringing this. DO NOT SKIMP.

Above, my Crown & Glory flower crown


  1. These are very great tips, thanks for sharing!

    have a nice day!
    Cassie Thriftier

    1. Glad you liked the post Cassie! And thank you for commenting :)

      Jennifer x


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