Thursday, 2 July 2015

My New Cup of Tea

   Here's a statistic for you: according to Tetley, 4 out of 10 British bosses don't make a tea round for their staff. Awful, isn't it? These high and mighty lot think they can escape the tea round simply because they earn more; sure, they might pay for the occasional pub lunch, or even fulfill a Krispy Kreme order - but there's nothing like the gesture of being handed a cup of tea just when you're thinking about making one yourself.

   The average tea break takes 11.09 minutes - not long enough IMO - and can have a huge impact on your performance during your working day. Studies show that 37% of workers who take regular tea breaks have been promoted in the last year, perhaps because a break helps the mind organise its thoughts (or perhaps because those workers spend more time getting to know their superiors whilst the kettle's boiling..). 

   Frighteningly, 76% of East Anglians don't even take a tea break at all, bringing down the national average by a huge number. This is why Tetley is campaigning to bring back the tea break, calling on 500 businesses - including Mr Kipling, Thomas J Fudges and Russell Hobbs - to participate in an effort to reduce stress in the workplace.

   During my blogging tea breaks, I tried out three different blends by Tetley. 

   Their 'Blend of Both' (directly above) came in a summery pink box, and boasted all the benefits of green tea, but with the familiar flavour of Original Tetley. It's as delicious with milk and a sugar as it is without, and even better with a Mr Kipling Chocolate Slice.

   A delicious surprise came in the form of Tetley 'Immune' (top), which blends mango and pineapple for their Vitamin C, providing a boost of nutrients to help support your immune system. This was a great alternative to my usual cup of green tea, as it had that little kick of tropical zing! I enjoyed this as a little breather before I started my day, sat in my garden with a croissant (because I'm super continental, obvs).

   Finally, I poured myself a cup of good old Tetley Original (below) whilst flicking through Caffeine magazine. At around 4.30 in the afternoon, this was a great little kick to help me get through the rest of the day, and get my thoughts organised.

* In association with Tetley

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