Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Getting an Ombré

   It's been around three years since I last bleached my hair. I got an ombré when it first became a trend, but because my hair has orange undertones, the bleached hair became brassy over time. This summer, I decided to refresh my look and go slightly lighter, whilst at the same time toning my hair to bring out the ashy hues.

   The Manager and Colour Technician at Hair Artistry in Suffolk lifted my hair from a level three or four to an eight using a 20 volume peroxide developer and Synchrolift by Paul Mitchell. The time frame was really played by ear, as the stylists wanted to see how my hair developed, but after around 40 minutes the bleach was washed off and replaced with an ash-based toner. The toner was left on for 15 minutes and then washed off to reveal the finished result (above).

   I really love this look - I've heard that the ombré is slightly off-trend according to certain hair snobs, but I adore how it looks on others, and I really like how it looks on my hair. Maybe in future I'll progress to a full colour change, but for now I'm happy with my current style.

   It took two people to bleach my hair because it's so long! I do sometimes wonder if I scare hairdressers slightly when I ask for an appointment, but I couldn't imagine myself with any other haircut. 



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