Sunday, 26 July 2015

Bourjois Aqua Blush

    Skimping on blush makes me look like a person who's never seen the sunlight, or like a corpse, or sometimes even an alien. I just can't face leaving out a product so integral to making me look human, so I keep a good two or three favourite brands at hand to make sure that happens.

   One new discovery is Bourjois' Aqua Blush, a new product by the French drugstore brand that blurs the boundaries between cream and gel blushes. This operates with a simple squeeze of a pump, and can be applied using a brush or your fingers - ideal for makeup on the go.

   The texture is so smooth and light, blending in with ease (I have a dry skin type, and I often find that blushes cake on the drier, rougher areas of my skin). Because it's such a light product, it gives more of a glow rather than a rich, opaque colour, making it a perfect product for everyday wear.

   This boasts 12 hour wear and, though I never wear makeup for that long anyway, the blush stayed on for the entirety of my working day without reapplication. I've found that powder blushes, especially, never offer this much staying power.

   If you're thinking about adding one of Bourjois' Aqua Blushes to your makeup collection, you can find it at Boots for £8.99. Still making your mind up? Check out the video below for a quick demo and more info!


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