Thursday, 11 June 2015

Review: Nailbox

   Come summer, I love getting my nail game on. A few weeks ago, I was thinking of getting really quirky acrylic nails done at my salon, but at the last minute I decided that I'd get bored with them too quickly. Being able to change my nail colour daily, or every other day, is an extension of my self-expression - when my nails match my outfit or accessories, I feel so on point that almost nothing could bring me down.

   This is one of the reasons I'm completely and truly obsessed with the concept of Nailbox*. A play on the word 'mailbox', this subscription box gives you a handful of nail accessories each month up to the value of £50 - for just £15 (including delivery!). I'm gobsmacked that this is actually a real thing. I've tried out many a subscription box, and most only offer four sample-sized products and one full-sized - Nailbox give you FIVE full-sized products.

   Like, seriously, how have I not come across this sooner?

   I received my box a couple of days ago, and was totally impressed by the big-name brands that lay before me: OPI, Essie, Orly and Rimmel. Literally all the nail polish heavyweights that I love to experiment with. Earlier boxes have included China Glaze, Nails Inc and Revlon.

   Below, I've listed a breakdown of the prices, just so you can see how great the value of this box is:

Nicole by OPI - Alex By The Books (Modern Family Collection) - £9.95
Essie - Status Symbol - £7.99
Rimmel London 60 Seconds - Lucky Lilac - £2.99
Orly Colour Blast - Fiery Orange Chunky Glitter - £9.50
Elegant Touch Cuticle Pusher & Nail Cleaner - £9.50

   Just two of the higher end nail polishes would have cost you the price of the box if you were buying them online or at Boots - so if, like me, you're a nail polish fiend and purchase several a month, this would save you soooooo much money. Plus, who doesn't love a monthly box of surprise goodies?!

* Item gifted for review

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