Thursday, 18 June 2015

Elle & the Pocket Belles

Elle & the Pocket Belles by Jennifer Meredith

   Upon hearing the name, Elle & the Pocket Belles, I became slightly befuddled. Obviously, one of the members must be called Elle; but I wasn't completely sure what the phrase 'pocket belles' referred to. It was only when I came across their website that I understood: Elle is the statuesque red-head in the middle of the photograph above, whilst the pocket belles are her slightly more petite (yet just as talented) comrades. Singing classic jazz and swing numbers from the 30s to the 50s, these ladies steal the show with their talent, and really get the crowd dancing.

   Complete with slick victory rolls, ditsy-floral dresses and a bold red lip, Elle & the Pocket Belles perform retro entertainment to a T. Think Christina Aguilera circa Candyman times five, but with all the sincerity and humble nature of an undiscovered, homegrown girl group.

   If you're heading to Latitude this year, Elle & the Pocket Belles will be returning to the stage to perform their best hits alongside many other talented musicians, including those of which who have been announced today: Amy Dickson, Alabama 3, Gavin Osborn, and Sigur Ros' Georg Holm.

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