Sunday, 7 June 2015

Charming Ceramics: Grace Lee

From top to bottom:

Antlered Eye Popping Shaker, £42

   It's without a doubt the smaller details that bring personality to a room; you could paint your entire house in metallic, hot pink polka dot paint, but it still wouldn't say as much as your book collection on your shelf in the living room, your particular choice of candle scent, or your quirky kitchen utensils.

   Grace Lee, a Korean fine artist based in Toronto, creates whimsical ceramic figures with functional attributes and exactly the kind of detail that makes a house a home. These include ring holders, espresso cups and seasoning shakers, created by hand using ceramics and 22ct gold leaf.

   I really feel as if the gold leaf detail makes these curios truly beautiful; the metallic material catches the light, bringing each figurine to life and adding a little sparkle to your home. 

   I also feel that the functional qualities allow the purchase to be justifiable, so in case your friends are wondering why you've bought a £42 antlered skull, you can say it's also a fancy pepper shaker.


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