Friday, 1 May 2015

Through the Curtains of the Waterfall

OOTD by Jennifer from Art Style Love
OOTD by Jennifer from Art Style Love
OOTD by Jennifer from Art Style Love
OOTD by Jennifer from Art Style Love


   The title of this post is rather deceiving. There is no waterfall in sight (though how cool would it be to shoot in front of a waterfall?) and certainly no curtains, besides my hair which had become awkwardly long over the past few months and was in desperate need of a trim (I had three inches off, by the way). 

   It is, of course, a lyric from my current favourite song, Geronimo, by Australian indie-pop band, Sheppard. This is a song which would fit perfectly as the theme to a future road trip montage; maybe this year I'll wing it and drive down to Cornwall with my boyfriend just so I can mash up the video clips and embed this song in the background, immortalising it as one of the songs in the soundtrack to my life. Sad, I know, but this is what I do in my spare time.

   Geronimo is catchy, uplifting and, most of all, epic. It would be ideal for an energetic morning bike ride through the countryside, pumping through your headphones as the sun rises over the hills. It's motivating, and I'm pretty sure it'll be played so much over the summer that I'll soon tire of it. It's definitely one of those tracks that I wish I could keep to myself, but on the other hand I want everyone to hear it because it's so good. Such is life.

   Watch the video for Geronimo, below:



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