Sunday, 3 May 2015

Flat Iron: The best steak you'll ever eat

Mini Cleaver at Flat Iron, Soho - by Art Style Love

   I'm not a huge meat eater. In fact, I'll usually go straight for the vegetarian option whilst eating out, which will leave me thoroughly dissatisfied, but 100% better for it. I feel like excessive meat-eating, combined with staying up late writing coursework for uni, has lead me to gain unwanted weight over the past few years. Going semi-vegetarian has worked, it seems, in curbing that weight-gain - but I can't escape the late nights. Not just yet. Not for another two weeks, in fact.

   When my brother-in-law suggested going to an all-meat restaurant, I was skeptical, to say the least. He said to me, reassuringly, that there will be salad. My immediate thoughts were, 'ooh, exciting. A bowl of rabbit food which I can munch on whilst inhaling the delicious fumes from everyone else's meat-packed meals'. I had half a mind to skip lunch and meet up with a friend at Pret, but I sucked it up and went along.

   My God. Am I glad I did.

   From the road, Flat Iron is barely noticeable, nestled between musical instrument retailers on Soho's Denmark Street. Enter through the black metals doors into a dark, masculine interior, faintly it by industrial-looking copper wall lamps, and a pink neon sign at the head of the restaurant stating, 'Steak is what you want'.

   After taking a seat at one of the high-standing marble tables, I took a look at the somewhat sparse menu. It appeared that all Flat Iron really serves is steak or burgers, with a choice of sides - one of which is salad.

   As you could probably guess, I decided to give into temptation and order the steak. My sister ordered the steak, too, and my brother-in-law ordered a burger, just to be different.

   While we were waiting for our meals, my two dining partners sampled a cocktail each from the menu - which seemed to be in abundance (the cocktails, not the menus). These looked rather delicious (as you can see below), and tasted amazing, so I was told.

Cocktails at Flat Iron, Soho - by Art Style Love

   I asked for my steak to be cooked medium-rare, and it couldn't have been more perfect. Even thinking about it now, I'm salivating. The buttery texture, the juiciness and the delicious flavours culminated to produce the best steak that I've ever eaten.

   I'm serious. The best steak I've EVER eaten.

   It was so damn flavoursome, that I didn't even need the peppercorn sauce that I ordered on the side. Placed on a stone and wood plate, it was served sliced with no other embellishments - just perfectly cooked, delicious steak. And it was the ideal size for me: not too filling, but not leaving me hungry afterwards. I feel like Goldilocks when I say it was 'just right', but it really was. And I can't recommend Flat Iron enough.

Steak at Flat Iron, Soho - by Art Style LoveBurger at Flat Iron, Soho - by Art Style Love
Neon Sign at Flat Iron, Soho - by Art Style Love


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