Friday, 3 April 2015

Summer Wardrobe Revamp - What to Buy First

   There's an annoying little moment that comes around twice a year - an almost 'blink and you'll miss it' moment - where the weather just decides to do its own thing without notifying you. How dare it.

   Yes, I'm talking about transition periods. The points between winter and summer that can't just be identified as spring and autumn, but also as confusing and frustrating times in your life when you just wish you had a portable wardrobe which could follow you around and supply you with new clothes when it rained, and store your layers when it was sunny.

   Unfortunately, as this handy device hasn't been invented yet (I'll be the first to invest in the genius that does), we'll have to make due with tried and tested transition techniques (try saying that five times really fast) such as layering, checking the weather at multiple points in the day, and leaving your house as little as possible. Just kidding. But seriously, here are a few tips on what kind of pieces will get you through this frankly terrifying time of year.

   These are the basics: camis, t-shirts, above-the-knee dresses, duster jackets, lightweight trousers and closed-toe shoes (no sandals here, unless you like getting your feet wet in a rainstorm). Jeans are a maybe, as the insulative properties of denim aren't that great - so don't go wearing denim if you're going to be standing outside all day.

   In terms of fabrics, pick anything that's breathable. Chiffon or silk-style materials will tend to stick to your skin if it gets hot, whilst linen and cotton will keep you cool. Breathable fabrics are also great for layering because they're lighter, and easy to tuck away in your bag when you're not using them (in contrast to, say, a chunky-knit jumper or leather jacket).

1. Cami by Topshop - £22
2. Tee by Zara - £7.99
3. Jersey Dress by Cos - £49
4. Coat by H&M - £29.99


   Once you've grasped the basics, you can start adding in pieces that reflect your personality. However, you should keep the word 'transition' in mind - i.e. you might not want to wear a faux fur coat because, although it probably looks fabulous, it's undoubtable that you're going to get too hot.

   Experiment with patterns, colours and silhouettes to bring out the best in your personal style.

1. Jacket by River Island - £65
2. Top by Miss Selfridge - £20
3. Skirt by Alexander Wang - £155
4. Boots by Office - £85
5. Fedora by ASOS - £27.50


   The final step is to pick your accessories. However, before you go mental, remember to think practically - a large tote is great for throwing your layers into when you get too hot and a folding umbrella is essential in case of torrential downpour.

1. Umbrella by New Look - £7.99
2. Tote by Dolce & Gabbana - £1,200
3. Phone Case by Skinny Dip London - £12
4. Sunglasses by zeroUV - $9.99
5. Scarf by Selected - £42
6. Lip Crayon by Laura Geller - £13

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