Thursday, 12 March 2015

White On

   Flicking through the list of 'things that have happened today', I discovered that Matthew Lewis has made his Instagram profile public (@realmattdavelewis if you haven't followed him already), Disney has announced a Frozen sequel (squeal!), Shailene Woodley looks friggin amazing on US Elle (as she does ALWAYS) and, most importantly, I rediscovered my white leather jacket.

   Okay, that's not the most important thing that's happened today, but it got me pretty excited.

   This was bought for me as a gift around one and a half years ago by my lovely mother, and has unfortunately lived in my wardrobe since, as I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to wear it with.

   I knew it was one of those pieces that you could only wear with blacks or neutrals, but everything I paired it with just made me look like a trashy 80s tribute act. Today, I decided to try out a little more of a sophisticated look, without bordering on dressy; I popped on a dark grey turtle neck with a pearl choker, a pleated, black midi skirt and some heeled ankle boots. This is an outfit that I'd totally wear to work in the city (if I had a job in the city), and catch up with friends over my lunch break at some fantastic little café (if I knew where all the cool cafés were in London).

   The cat eye sunglasses are worn with caution, as I think a cat eye can really make a look far dressier than you intended, and the tote bag is my standard hold-all for daily essentials (yes, I need an entire oversized tote to carry my hoard of lipbalms, handcreams, tissues and odd Biros).

   I did get a few looks off people when I was wearing this, though I like to think that they're imagining I'm on my way to somewhere chic. #WishfulThinking.

SUNGLASSES - ZEROUV* / JACKET - RIVER ISLAND (similar here) / NECKLACE - DOROTHY PERKINS (simialr here) / TOP - NEW LOOK / SKIRT - H&M (similar here) / BAG - NEW LOOK / SHOES - NEW LOOK (similar here)


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