Monday, 30 March 2015

Top 10: 70s Suede Skirts

   Each year, due to some design prodigy / ultimate marketing champions, Marks & Spencer releases an item that is so 'on trend' that it becomes a stratospheric phenomenon, and makes its mark in history as that season's M&S Victory. I'm pretty sure that they save the very last piece of stock from that particular item, and hang it on a wall in their HQ, above a gold plaque engraved with the item's respective season. And then they entrap the designer into a contractual dungeon where they cannot escape to work with anyone else, or maybe they give them so much royalty-money that they never have to..

   Anyway, we all remember that Pepto-Bismol duster coat of AW13 that had people injuring others, and themselves, to get their hands on it. Well, now it's all about the suede skirt - and if you haven't already witnessed the media hype surrounding Alexa Chung stepping out in a beige, a-line midi skirt in the fabric of the season, where have you been for the past month? M&S announced the release of an a-line midi skirt in a camel-toned suede earlier this year; paired with anything black, this could be the savior of all transition-wardrobe malfunctions. It features contrasted stitching, two large front pockets (though I'm unsure if these are real or just for decoration. And if they're real, bravo M&S, bravo), and a front slit (as if it wasn't desirable enough already).

   With its planned release in May, and a price tag of £199 (it's an investment, seriously), this skirt already has fingers twitching. I predict a high street riot. 

   The brand also stock a cheaper, faux alternative with a very similar design, priced at £39.50. However, if you're into the real thing, here are some chic pieces from other brands:

1. Mango - £49.99
2. H&M - £99.99
3. My Theresa - £631
4. Zara - £69.99
5. Topshop - £75
6. Saint Laurent - £1325
7. Viyella - £199
8. Miss Selfridge - £65
9. & Other Stories - £125
10. Tamara Mellon - £272


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