Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Simone Rocha's Scallop Trim Tote

   It really isn't often that a bag truly wows me. I'm not obsessive when it comes to the it-bag game; I'm more partial to a good pair of shoes, or even a classic watch. Bags, for me, are a practical choice - they carry my blogging essentials, and are generally neutral-toned or black, to pair with any outfit - but there's something about Simone Rocha's latest accessory drop that I can't get my mind off.

   Rarely have I seen bags with scallop detailing that look sophisticated; most are school-girl satchels with a little bit of trim in pansy pastels and tan-browns. In fact, I tend to steer clear of ANY clothing with scalloped details, as I'm not a fan of the preppy, Peter Pan look. However, this tote, with its structured leather and gold hardware, is the perfect balance between pretty and professional.

   Its cut-out scalloped semi-circles stand upright, framing the edge of the bag, while its push-to-open fastening gives the illusion of a briefcase, rather than a chuck-everything-in carryall. This bag is made with a fastidiousness that says 'power woman', without being masculine, and both colour options (black and a flattering neutral) are ideal for any number of outfits.

   £1,519.42 from Farfetch.com.


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