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How to Instagram Like a Boss

Instagram Like A Boss with Art Style Love

   Unless you're Taylor Swift, or a Kardashian, there's a strong chance you may not have 20 million avid Instagram followers to your name. However, you might be wondering how some bloggers achieve Instagram popularity reaching heights of hundreds, thousands or even millions of followers. But remember, it's not just about being popular - this isn't high school - Instagram has more users than Twitter, and it has fast become the most valuable social media platform for bloggers, business owners and celebrities alike; get noticed by your desired audience and your internet presence can shoot up overnight.

   On that note, I've comprised a few useful tips from the experts about tailoring your Instagram profile to match your blog goals. I'm not saying I can make you Instagram famous, but there's an art to posting visual content that'll get people double-tapping and hitting that 'follow' button.

1. Find a niche

   One way to gain attention is to squeeze yourself into a little niche and hibernate there indefinitely. Chances are, if you're hashtagging properly (see point 3), people will search for your niche and follow you when they find it. If you're looking for inspo on this point, take a look at Symmetry Breakfast's account - this is a guy in Hackney who only posts photos of, you guessed it, symmetrical breakfasts. Don't sneer; he's got over 184,000 followers.

2. Pick a theme

   When it comes to visual appeal, followers can get fussy. They want to scroll through their feeds in the morning and be instantly inspired by beautiful colours and objects, or exciting and interesting people; what they don't want to see is a mishmash of badly taken, grainy or blurry images, photos of food taken with the flash on, or blatant bathroom selfies. Pick a theme and roll with it - this can be anything from images always taken with a white background, to sets of pastel photos or unicorn metallics and sequins; anything goes, just make sure it's eyecatching, and don't forget to stick to it.

Flatlay by Art Style Love (@jenniferlouiselove)

3. Hashtag

   I've heard a few people say that too many hashtags are annoying/messy. You don't need these people in your life. Hashtags are the only way that people can find your profile; take them away and you may as well have sailed out to an island and trashed your boat on arrival. 

   A lot of people just wing it when they hashtag, because they can't think of anything appropriate, i.e. #layinginthesunhaha. If you're really stuck, you could go for one of these popular hashtags: #love (over 832 million posts), #cute (over 307 million posts) or #happy (over 272 million posts). However, these are perhaps too broad and may not attract your desired audience. In this instance, you may want to start thinking about your aforementioned niche - so, if you're a fashion blogger, you could start off with #ootd, #fashion, #streetstyle or #fblogger.

   Just remember, keep it relevant. People who tag #likeforlike, #followforfollow or #followme won't get much attention from genuine subscribers who actually want to take an interest in their blog.

4. Avoid Filters

   Just keep it real. If you're posting a selfie, you don't need any filters to mask your beautiful face! Filters were great when Instagram first took off - the whole concept was about taking photos with a vintage aesthetic and sharing them with your friends - but now, it's a different game. Your followers are interested in your reality, not some X-Pro II version of it.

   If you're desperately in need of some editing, Instagram has in-built tools to adjust exposure and focal points, etc. Or there are dozens of camera apps which will help you achieve the right aesthetic for your profile. Just, please, stay away from the filters.

5. Post at the right time

   I've been told that it doesn't matter when you post on Instagram, as users of the app can be active at any hour of the day. However, I think it's vital with any social media platform to understand your target demographic and post according to the times in which they'll most be active.

   For example, if your audience is adult professionals, they'll most probably be at work, and therefore unable to access their phones, during 9am-5pm. This means that they could be scrolling through their feeds when eating breakfast at 7am, on their lunch breaks at 12pm, on the train home between 5 and 6pm, in front of the TV at 7pm or in bed at 10pm. It's really up to you when you choose to post according to these time frames. 

   Also, if your target audience lives in a different country, or if you're on holiday when you're posting, get into the mindset of posting according to your audience's time zone. For example, if you're in London but most of your followers live in New York, you can't be posting at 8am once you've just woken up, because chances are everyone else will be asleep.


   I hope these tips have helped - and if you're looking for some inspiration, here are some of my favourite accounts. Follow away, and good luck with your Insta-endeavours (and don't forget to follow me: @jenniferlouiselove)!



  1. Thanks for the tips! Yes, I don't fancy filters much but I usually edit the exposure and the contrast on my photos. Great post <3


    1. No problem - I'm glad you enjoyed the post :) I often edit my photos in software other than Instagram too; I think it's so important, as it can make an amazing shot even more amazing!
      Thank you so much for your comment :)

      Jennifer x


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