Thursday, 5 March 2015

Clinique Chubby Contour Stick Review

   Since the Kardashian contour conquering era began, I've seen many a contour product emerge on the beauty shelves. My favourites include the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and the Kett Cream Foundation Palette; but recently, I decided to try out Clinique's brand new contouring product, the 'Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour'.

   This product is part of Clinique's new contouring collection, which includes a highlighter stick, contour stick and powder palette. It looks pretty, is easy to use and you get quite a bit of product for your money.

   However, I found that, as I began to apply the contour, the formula was incredibly dark - a huge contrast to my light-to-medium skin tone. Blending the product in, I found that it was slightly patchy, and not as smooth as I'd have liked it to appear; it seemed rather sticky and clung to patches of my skin. Once I had blended it in and removed the patchiness, I found that the contouring wasn't even visible, and therefore had to reapply. Once I had applied a second layer of contouring, I found that I was happier with the colour, but it still appeared a bit too patchy for my liking.

   As this was a first impression, I may film a second review in the near future, perhaps detailing a few methods in which you can use this product in a more effective way. However, for the moment, I'm inclined to give it a 5/10. At £19.00, I was expecting a bit more wow-factor, and unfortunately I didn't receive this.

   Take a look at the video below for a demo of this product!



  1. Too bad the stick was too dar it's such a great concept! Does it come in lighter colors?

    Danika Maia

    1. Hi Danika! Sadly it's only available in one colour for now, but I'm hoping they'll bring out more colours soon!

      Jennifer x


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