Friday, 20 March 2015

6 Ultimate High Street Trench Coats

T O P   R O W

River Island - £85
Topshop - £68

B O T T O M   R O W

New Look - £39.99
Zara - £99.99
Mango - £89.99

   One thing that I noticed when compiling this post was that all of the coats I picked as my 'high street favourites' were neutral-coloured; I figured that this is just a personal attraction to camel, stone and white tones - don't take it as a colour selection that must be adhered to. The traditional colour of a trench coat is khaki; however, I've seen so many other colours and patterns that work just as beautifully, particularly pastels and florals.

   I feel like trench coats are masculine items of clothing with very feminine overtones; I think it's the tied waist that does it - a figure-accentuating 'must have', and a world away from the cocoon coats of this winter just passed. The buttons along the chest on some, but not all, trenches smarten up the look and vaguely militarises the wearer, so it'd be an idea to pick one with a more supple fabric to add femininity and elegance - plus, it swooshes while you walk. Bonus.

   There's no doubt that the trench is the ultimate spring coat. Pair it with skinny trousers, pointed courts and cat eye sunglasses for continental style, or wear it unfastened with ripped jeans and converse to style up a laid back look.



  1. I absolutely love the Zara coat, I've been lusting after a trench coat for awhile now and these are all great picks!x

    Electra Violet ||

  2. Oh I'm a sucker for a classic (and classy) trench coat! I really like tan/caramel colours.


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