Sunday, 15 February 2015

What to do after Valentine's Day

Picadilly Buses - Photograph by Art Style Love

   So the most romantic day of the year is over, the roses have already started wilting and that heart-shaped box of chocolates is empty (bar the Turkish delight/coffee/orange flavoured few). What do you do now?

   Well we all know that, like a dog isn't just for Christmas, love isn't just for Valentine's Day - so why not extend the festivities with some of these simple ideas:

S A Y   T H A N K   Y O U

   Sometimes, when we're caught up in our busy routines, we forget to say thank you to those who have made the extra effort to make us happy. If your other half has made you feel special this February 14th, saying thank you with a little gesture can make them feel special in return. This can be anything from writing out a thank you card, to cooking a dinner for two - and this works both ways (so if there are any guys reading this, we love to hear the words 'thank you' in any shape or form).

H A V E   A   M O V I E   N I G H T

   Whether it's with your friends, or with your partner, relaxing and watching a film with some nibbles and drinks is one of the best ways to wind down after putting in the effort for Valentine's Day. Maybe you went out last night with the girls, and you're regretting being roped in for that extra shot of Sambuca, or perhaps you and your other half consumed one to many glasses of wine over dinner - put your feet up, dim the lights and let your thoughts rest during your favourite flick.


   Consumed a little too much yesterday, foodwise? If, like most of us, you pushed the boat out for dinner and went for three courses with a bottle of wine, and chocolates to follow, you might be feeling a little overindulged. There's nothing wrong with clocking in a few extra miles on the treadmill to make yourself feel better - we all do it.

   I'd love to hear about what you got up to during Valentine's Day, whether you were an anti-Valentiner and spent the day as normal, went out with your friends or celebrated with your partner - let me know! And, if you're interested, below are a few photos from my loved-up day out with my boyfriend in London.

Theatre Royal Haymarket - Photograph by Art Style Love
OOTD - New Look Polo Neck & H&M Jacket SS15 - image by Art Style Love
Reclaim Love in Picadilly Circus - Photograph by Art Style Love
Burgers at Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Westfield Stratford - Photograph by Art Style Love



  1. I love this post, so nice to see a different, unique post in regards to Valentines day. We focus so much on the day itself, it's nice to a different perspective. Plus, any post with London in it is a winner in ym eyes :)


    1. Thanks so much Elle, I'm really glad that you found the post interesting and unique!

      Jennifer x


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