Friday, 6 February 2015

Kiko Radiant Touch Highlighter Review

  Highlighters are a tricky product. They can either leave you with a rather ghostly iridescence, or a dull, plasticy sheen which melts off by lunchtime. Kiko's 'Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter' is somewhere in between.

   It's an easy-to-use product that twists up from a tube and can be applied directly to the skin. It's subtle, but can produce an effortless glow in the right light, perfect for summer nights when the light is warm and low. Blend in with a finger or a brush, and apply a second layer if you like your highlighter to be slightly more obvious (we can all go a bit mad with highlighter when it comes to getting ready for a night out, but the subtlety of this product keeps you from looking like a disco ball). 

   At £8.50, this is an absolute steal compared to other products of a similar caliber such as Benefit's 'Watt's Up!' (£24.50) or NARS' 'The Multiple' (£30). And you get almost twice the amount of product. Now that's value for money.

   Watch the video below for more info, as well as a demo of the product!



  1. I am obseeeeessed with highlighter. I'm currently using a sample of Benefit's Watt's Up, but I was on the hunt for a more affordable version. This one looks promising!

    Sara //

    1. If you're looking for a more affordable highlighter, then I definitely recommend this one!
      Thank you for commenting :)

      Jennifer x


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