Sunday, 22 February 2015

Asymmetric Pearl Earrings

   Since Dior released their 'Mise en Dior' earrings, I've been searching for an affordable alternative supplier of the double-backed pearl earrings. At £260 a pair (and let's just note that this is costume jewellery, not real gold or even real pearls - sigh), Dior's beautiful sets were just a tad out of my league, though I couldn't stop looking at their stunning range of colours: emerald greens, soft golds, fiery reds - they were all there, and taunting me with their prettiness.

   It's only this year that I've started seeing similar designs in high street shops and online. ASOS stock a few different pair including this peachy set, whilst Topshop and H&M also have their own versions, but Dorothy Perkins really stepped up their game and delivered the earrings in the images above. These include a gold-coloured scalloped details around the base of each pearl, and look just perfect sitting on the ear. And, most importantly, they were only £6.50, a far more reasonable price, considering you're getting pretty much exactly the same materials as the Dior pair.

   Although I can't find this particular pair online, for some reason (though they're definitely instore right now), they've also got a pair in shiny black which are also very pretty!


  1. Was shocked at the price as they look so expensive! -

    1. Thanks Charlotte - they are very pretty earrings and a definitely steal!

      Jennifer x


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