Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Weekday Wishlist | Designer Lustables

   I'm a regular visitor of the Avenue 32 website - their 'New In' page is a slice of heaven in my eyes - so when they asked me to select my favourite pieces from their collection of designers and create a post, I was more than happy! Below is my selection of lustworthy pieces from BLK DNM, Shrimps and J W Anderson, all available from Avenue 32. These pieces not only reflect my current style, but also an aesthetic that I aspire to; all three designers have truly inspiring collections with pieces for all occasions.

   BLK DNM emanates that edgy, androgynous downtown New York aura that inspires many of my outfit choices. The abundance of skinny black and slate-coloured jeans and sharp leather jackets is offset by relaxed basics in the form of jersey tees and vests, exactly the look that yearns to be worn with bedhead hair, pointed black boots, nonchalant wayfarers and a jet-black fedora.

1. Black leather Shearling Jacket - £995
2. Essex Grey Skinny Jeans - £90
3. Black Shearling Biker Vest - £382
4. Black Leather Trousers - £405
5. Rayon White T-shirt - £65
6. Black Skinny Jeans - £29
7. Eau de Parfum - £85
8. Forest Green Jersey T-shirt - £36
9. Black Wayfarers - £225

   Being against the use of real fur in fashion, I'm a huge fan of Shrimps; why buy real fur when you can get synthetic fur as high quality as this? Not ones to kowtow to the dark wintery colours that we see from innumerable amounts of designers, Shrimps designer Hannah Weiland 'draws inspiration from the satire of modern art'. The ideal Shrimps girl loves a statement piece which radiates a fun personality, and that can be paired with anything from a sequined mini dress to skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Personally, I really can't wait to see more from this brand!

1. Strawberry Pink Lenny Keyring - £50
2. Pink Faux Fur Pablo Clutch - £185
3. Shrimps Print Silk Kimono - £280
4. Pink Faux Fur Dulcie Coat - £595
5. Beige Faux Fur Mabel Coat - £595
6. Burnt Orange Faux Fur Agnes Coat - £495

   J W Anderson is one designer who's desire to push boundaries has translated into wearable pieces of art that can stand the test of time. His latest collection features edgy silhouettes created by the incorporation of twists, slits and wraps into each design, from classic black dresses to leather accessories and crisp shirts. These shapes are complemented by the strategic placement of geometric print and bold colouring. My favourites are the casual sweatshirts accented with iconic symbols, including J W Anderson's own logo.

1. Cream Merino Wool Lemon Jumper - £265
2. Navy Wool Crepe Slit Skirt - £680
3. Blue Stripe Beach Bodice Dress - £545
4. Navy Wool Crepe Slit Dress - £890
5. Midnight Leather Twist Bag - £1,240
6. Grey Anchor Logo Sweatshirt - £64
7. Blue Silk Wave Scalloped Skirt - £230


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