Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Vegan Sneakers | Stella McCartney X Adidas

   Though not strictly vegan, over the last two years I've found myself geared towards vegan tendencies, i.e. buying vegan-friendly cosmetics, picking salad over steak at restaurants and avoiding fur like the plague. I guess adopting two dogs has strengthened my sympathy towards animals and, although some people see veganism as 'silly' (the phrase "if they were smarter, they'd be the ones eating us" brings me to boiling point), I would happily give up eating meat for the rest of my life if it meant that I could save an animal's life. 

   It's interesting to me that, even though we have meat substitutes that taste just as good as meat, and comprise the vital nutrients that we require, the average Brit still manages to consume over 79.3kg of meat per year. Which brings me to animal by-products; if manufacturers are able to produce high quality faux leather, suede and fur, why take the life of an animal? 

   Stella McCartney, obviously prolific in the world of sustainable, animal-friendly fashion, has designed another amazing collection for Adidas featuring 'vegan sneakers'. Animal lovers often find themselves sidelined when it comes to shopping for trainers - type 'vegan shoes' into Google and up pops a whole host of damn-well-ugly footwear - but McCartney's 'Irana' collection is stylish and functional, featuring high-tops in four different colourways.

   These trainers are my latest sportswear lust-over item; however, I did notice that Adidas don't actually advertise the fact that these are vegan products. In my opinion, this would be a particularly unique selling point - I would be more interested in an item if it were eco-conscious. Below are the four colourways of the Irana shoes, let me know what you think of them!

Stella McCartney Adidas Shoes


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