Friday, 9 January 2015

5 Great Reasons to Write a Blog

1. You can write about whatever YOU want...

   ...And you don't have an editor in your ear deciding what can and can't be published, or impose his/her opinions upon you. I'm not saying that editors are awful dictators that censor everything you say (they have a job to do too!) but writing a blog can give you so much more freedom, because you're your own publisher.

   I'm sure a journalist (yes, me) never enjoys the feeling of their own work being edited, especially when it's edited so much that it no longer reflects the author's true personality; however, writing for your own blog means that you won't have to endure that experience. Sure, you'll get comments from your readers (hopefully constructive) who may share their opinions of your work, but you can react in your own way, not in the way that you're 'meant' to act according to the publication.

   In terms of genre, the world is your oyster. I've seen blogs about David Mitchell looking like a koala. Yes. Really.

2. You have no deadlines...

   ...Unless you set them yourself (which I tend to do...). But if you're more laid back, and maybe have other commitments, no one is pressuring you to churn out pieces like there's no tomorrow.

   Flexibility is a luxury for most people, but, in the context of a blog, time is in your hands. I sometimes start writing a post at the beginning of the month, then come back to it a few weeks later before publishing it. I like to be completely content with what I'm publishing, so it takes me a while to perfect each post.

3. Seeing people enjoy your content

   This is really exciting, as I've always wanted to entertain others (ever since I was little!). Some of the most heartwarming feelings I've had were when pieces that I'd written either inspired or helped people in some way, or even when people identified with my sense of humor  - that's probably the most astounding thing ever!

   When a reader passes by and leaves a comment, it's like meeting someone with a common interest at a library, cafĂ© or even in a shop, and engaging in conversation. It brightens your day - and isn't it the little things like that which humans thrive on?

   Almost everyone has a blog right now. And I didn't even know this until I started blogging. It's like entering a community that is exclusive, but very inclusive at the same time, because anyone who wants to get involved, can!

4. You can develop skills...

   ...Such as communication, organisation, writing, editing, advertising, social media, PR, graphic design, videography, photo-editing, HTML - and the list goes on, and on, and on...

   Most people learn through 'doing', and writing a blog is a fantastic example of this learning process. Most of the professional skills I've learnt have come from writing my own blog, but what's more valuable than anything is that I also have proof of these skills in the blog itself. Art Style Love isn't just a place to note down my daily musings, it is also a portfolio, archived from the very first moment I began writing. Your blog not only shows your development as a person, but also as a skilled worker.

5. Meeting exciting people

   Some of the most interesting, talented people I've met have written blogs, and the only way I could've come into contact with them is through Art Style Love. Having a common interest with someone automatically sparks a connection, and even though some people see their blog as a business-only environment, those who don't are often fun, engaging and willing to make new relationships.

   Not only are these connections socially uplifting, but they can also help in furthering your career. They may not be able to help you directly, but they may know one, two or three other people who could - and you could say thank you by doing the same for them!



  1. Love Love Love Love this post! :D I absolutely agree with you, these are a few of the many reasons to blog and they just making blogging that much better. (: I think meeting new people is my favorite part and gaining important skills is just a huge plus! And David Mitchell does kind of look like a xD Can't wait to read more of your blog! (:

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet || Simply-M

  2. love this & i agree 100%, it's nice to have your own little corner of the internet where you can do whatever you want :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  3. I recently started blogging and I can't agree more to what you have written ! Awesome post :)


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