Monday, 17 November 2014

Why You Can Still Feel Sexy & Show Less Flesh

   Earlier this year, a close friend of mine was sexually assaulted. It was broad daylight, she was in a high street women's clothing store surrounded by other female shoppers, and a man felt the insidious need to grab her inappropriately.

   When you're told a story like this, you're not supposed to wonder if what the victim was wearing provoked the crime, but, disparagingly, this notion is ever prevalent when discussing sexual assaults, so I'll describe her outfit for the purpose of this post: she wore a pink skater skirt, a grey t-shirt and flats - nothing loud and nothing revealing (not that those aspects justify an assault) - but now she believes that it was that above-the-knee, flowy-style skirt that prompted the attack, so much so that she's thrown it away and pushed all her other skirts to the back of her wardrobe.

   Months later, she still feels as if she cannot leave the house wearing a skirt any higher than calf-length, and never buys tight or low-cut tops. At first, it was for fear of another incident, but now it's just habit - she likes the silhouette of midi skirts and the comfort of an oversized jumper, the chicness of a cocoon coat and the warmth of a blanket cape. The only thing is, she doesn't feel 'sexy' anymore.

   This is what hit me the hardest. This girl has had her desirability taken away from her, by one sick guy looking for a kick. And don't get me wrong, it's not that she wants all eyes on her, but to feel desirable and confident in yourself is a wonderful, uplifting thing that we all have the right to experience.

   She can't find the strength to wear what she used to wear, so I decided to put together a list of items that can make her feel confident, sexy and, above all, happy in herself. If you've gone through a similarly distressing situation and feel the same way, hopefully this list will help you, too.

1. Midi-dress by H&M - £29.99
2. Midi-dress by River Island - £65
3. Pink Jumpsuit by Three Floor - £168
4. White Shirt by Alexander Wang - £255
5. Leopard Print Heels by Kurt Geiger - £80
6. Black Leggings by J Brand - £265
7. Crop Top by River Island - £24
8. Peplum Jacket by Proenza Schouler - £1,230
9. Metallic Midi-skirt by Topshop - £60
10. Studded Flats by Zara - £49.99
11. Pencil Skirt by Miss Selfridge - £25
12. Sheer Shirt by River Island - £38
13. Heels by Steve Madden - £75
14. Crop Top by House of Holland - £295



  1. There are so many amazing pieces on here! Especially the HoH crop top and metallic topshop skirt!
    Tiana x

  2. It's such a shame what happened to your friend and I really hope she starts feeling more confident again soon. Some people are just unbelievable, I don't have any idea how they can think that kind of behaviour is acceptable.
    This was such a good idea for a post though and you've listed some gorgeous things- I just love the simplicity of the grey dress and the jumpsuit is such a lovely colour :)

    Louise /


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