Tuesday, 21 October 2014

New In: Silver Horseshoe Bracelet by Gemporia

   Minimalist bracelets are definitely my thing right now. Especially those with beautiful little lucky charms - my favourites being infinity symbols, stars and now this* pretty horseshoe from Gemporia, a twinkle of white topaz and sterling silver.

   After working in the jewellery industry for so long, it's become a habit of mine to only ever wear precious metals, for fear of that icky green effect on my skin from high street fashion jewellery. Over the past year, I've thrown so much 'fake' jewellery away that I've cleared out half my jewellery box. Now I'm left with a few items that are forever wearable, and I can add this horseshoe bracelet to my collection, as its sterling silver metal will never go green. And at only £17 for an item that can be worn forever, I'd say it's an easy investment.

   At 7.5", it's slightly large for my wrists, but its length can be adjusted by fastening the clasp further up the chain. This way, it sits perfectly and doesn't swing round to face the other way.
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   Having worked with Gemporia before, I know firsthand that their items are great quality, as well as great value (most items are almost half the price of what you'll find on the high street). They have a stunning range of silver jewellery, as well as items in gold and platinum if you're really looking to treat yourself (my favourite is this white gold opal and diamond ring; I'm a sucker for opals).

   What're your favourite types of jewellery? Have you treated yourself to anything new lately?

* Items were gifted for review purposes

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