Monday, 6 October 2014

8 Photos That'll Make You Want to Buy a Bookcase

 These floating shelves are much cheaper than Ikea's bookcases  & look cooler too!  If you can find them in Ikea's "as is" section for less AND on their 10% off "as is" Wednesdays- big score!  Or look for these type of shelves at other home improvement stores.  [IKEA lack shelves as bookcase]
3. Remodelista
4. Lovely Life
living room designs, living room decorating ideas - wall to wall shelves Crates into shelving, paint white, with fabric / paper at the back of some - freestanding, not fixed, could work in several rooms (kitchen, bedroom alcove, living room) - for kitchen add glass doors to some, for glasses, display
5. Living Room A
6. My Scandinavian Home
The rug and the book case. Interiors. Sitting room. Photography. Lots of sweet details, and another great example of bright white with lots of texture, color, and a natural floor.
8. Designed For Life

   I've always imagined that a bookcase was the perfect final touch to a room - but it can go one of two ways. Many times have I used my shelves as a place to dump all of my crap, before I realised that this unassuming piece of furniture has more of a decorative purpose than any other piece in the room. 

   No one wants to see random bits and bobs that differ from empty jars to half used candles to pencils cases or even grubby shoes. What we DO want to see is a selection of quirky/stylish/minimalist accessories that show off your personality and that compliment the aesthetic of the room.

   The photographs above display a few of my favourite bookcase stylings, from colourful and abundant to sleek and selective. Playing around with different, interesting objects can transform the way the bookcase looks, and even the entire room. Cluttered = ugly.


  1. Gorgeous pictures - I have such a soft spot for a good bookcase. Unfortunately mine never look this neat as I have to squash all my books into them then slot more into any vacant gaps horizontally. :)

    1. Same here! My bookcase is a slight bit of a mess at the moment, but I'm definitely using these photos for some inspiration in future!
      Thank you for commenting :)

      Jennifer x


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