Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Moschino's Barbie SS15 Capsule Collection: Think Pink

    When I saw the Moschino SS15 catwalk a few days ago, I must admit that I was slightly skeptical about whether or not Jeremy Scott had made a wrong move.

   However, as the models continued to strut down the runway, little by little I saw the genius behind the vomit-pink patent dresses, quilted shell suits and extreme puffball skirts. Each piece was overtly frothy, emanating the unmistakable style of the world-renowned Barbie doll; the pieces came together with ease to form a collection that promoted Scott's ability to turn Moschino (or, in fact, any brand) into one that could be instantly recognisable, in the same way as our beloved Barbie. Automatically, we can now identify that long, yellow Spongebob-adorned jumper dress, that primary-red-and-yellow french fries phone case and that black and gold logo-emblazoned belt, as none other than Moschino. And now we have a new association. The mingling of Moschino and Barbie was perhaps one of the smartest moves ever made by the designer.

   The show was accompanied by Aqua's 1997 comic tribute to the silicon doll blaring through the speakers - as if we didn't get the message already. But a surprise came when model, Charlotte Free, skated somewhat precariously towards the end of the runway and back, suggesting just the kind of fun that Scott is known for. Not only were there a handful of show-stopping gowns, and even a white tuxedo, but also pieces for outerwear, beachwear and casual.

   Some pieces, such as a classic contrast trench coat, were extremely wearable, even if you didn't have the blonde-bombshell hair to match. Moschino's main collection isn't available until next year, but they've released a capsule collection which is available now (but I predict this'll sell out pretty quickly!). Below are a few of my favourites from the capsule collection - however, I'll still have to wait for my real favourites to be released!

1. Leather Outerwear - £1,593
3. Sleeveless T-Shirt - £205
4. iPhone 5 Case - £44
5. Leather Skirt - £1,265
6. Mini Skirt - £224
7. Rucksack - £422
8. Small Leather Bag - £1,050

Shop the entire capsule collection here


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