Tuesday, 9 September 2014

5 Reasons Why Being Short is Okay

   I'm not saying I like being short. In fact, being short is the bane of my life - if I was taller, I could look down at people instead of them looking down at me, I could reach things in the top cupboards of my kitchen without having to summon my boyfriend (or a stool when he's absent), and I could generally rock clothing a lot better and feel fashionable rather than 'cute'. I've daydreamed about machines or medicine that could make me permanently 5'8", instead of the stubby 5'4" at which I currently reside. Four inches could make me that much happier. How sad is that?

   What I AM saying is that being short isn't the end of the world. Disregarding the 'ankle biter' comments and other unnecessary statements that plagued me in high school corridors, being short is okay. And here are five reasons why.

1. You can wear heels and not feel like a giant.

   Several rather tall friends of mine refuse to wear heels on a night out because they feel as if they are towering over everyone else, and so opt to don flats (obviously they're laughing by the end of the night as I'm crying about my sore feet and they could go on dancing for a few more hours). 

   But being short, wearing heels is always an option. Not only do I feel more elegant, but I can also have a taste of what it feels like to be a normal height.

2. You can still be a model.

   I think it's almost every girl's dream to become a Kate, Cara or Jourdan, but for some it's can only ever be a dream. The minimum model height for editorial models is 5'8", and most are 5'10" and over - BUT agencies that specialise in petite models DO EXIST!

   RMG Models, Base Models and MOT Models are just a few UK-based agencies that manage petite models - so that dream can still come true!

3. You can save money.

   If, like me, you have small feet to go with your petite height, you can probably get away with buying junior-sized footwear, which is significantly cheaper than adult footwear. I bought a pair of Nike Air Force 1 juniors at Footasylum for £49.99, twenty quid cheaper than the adult version - and they were exactly the same.

   Also, you might get away with other things such as buying clothes from New Look's 'Generation' range (sooooo much cheaper), getting charged children's fares on public transport, etc.

4. You won't piss people off at concerts.

   Nobody likes that really tall guy/girl that weaves into the crowd and stands in front of everyone. It's only topped by the person with the open umbrella.

   Also, tall people will generally let you stand in front of them at these events, because they can see over your head. It's win-win.

5. You'll always be put in the front row in group photos.

   So you can show off that stunning outfit of yours that took three hours to put together. And that hair. And that makeup. And everyone else will just be floating heads.



  1. Hahah the group photo thing is SO good. I'm veeeery short, I'm like 5'0 and I used to hate it before, as it makes it more difficult to find clothes that fit, but I recently rekindled my love for being short! Petite girls all the way! Reny enjoyed this post :)

    xx from Misty's stuff

    1. I agree - the group photo thing is probably my favourite point :L and, in terms of clothing, trousers can always be shortened or rolled up! :) Glad this has inspired you!

      Jennifer x


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