Saturday, 20 September 2014

5 Reasons to Invest in a Watch this Season

1. They look super classy...

   ...If you've got taste. Believe me, working at a jewellers repairing many a wristwatch, I've seen my fair share of hideous timepieces. However, get the style right and you're on the money. The watch doesn't even need to function if it looks that good - you could potentially wear it as a piece of jewellery. Skagen and Daniel Wellington bear my current favourite designs; their minimalist casings and sleek materials make for the most stylish mid-price watches.

2. You'll never be late

   Okay, this isn't a guarantee. The White Rabbit always seemed to be late, yet he always carried a gigantic pocket watch. But I found that, when wearing the time on my wrist, right in front of me, I was able to keep a much closer eye on my next approaching appointment.

3. You can stop constantly checking your phone

   Unless you've got pockets, it's a bit difficult to keep rummaging around in your bag every 5 minutes to find your phone. Plus, it's a well known fact that we spend to much time with our eyes on our screens, instead of what's going on around us - you could miss something amazing!

4. It's a chance to be unique

   Let's face it, how many people wear watches these days? Out of all my friends, most will rely on their phones to check the time - but they're missing out on a crucial fashion accessory! Therefore, if you buy a watch  that suits your style and taste, the chances of one of your friends buying the same one are minimal. Instant individuality.

5. It's a statement

   Like that CĂ©line tote, or those Giuseppe heels, a watch is bought as a statement of your style and personality. For example, you may go for a black, buttery leather strap with a rose gold face as a sign of your love of luxury, or you might be tempted by all over silver hardware with a metal bracelet if you're a minimalist girl - or even an all-white affair with a rubber strap if sports luxe is your thing. The possibilities are endless.

ASOS £22 / Daniel Wellington £159 / Skagen £115 / Sekonda £39.99 / Moschino £165


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