Thursday, 28 August 2014

Tea Talk: Staying Home vs Moving Away for Uni

Photo via Tumblr

   If you're applying for uni and thinking about whether to live at home, or move away, I've put together some tips from experience that may help you make the decision.

   There is no shame in living at home for uni - don't think you're missing out on anything, because you should always be able to make what's best out of the life you lead - just as you shouldn't have fear in leaving home for uni, as many students will be in the same situation.

   Weigh up the factors, and think about what is best for you, your goals and your mindset.



  1. Great post and video! This was a decision I spent agesssss making but I stayed at home and don't regret it one bit! xx


    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the video! It was a hard decision but I don't regret staying at home either :) thank you for commenting!

      Jennifer x


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